The principles of LVD lamp

Based on Faraday 's principle of electromagnetic induction and similar with transformer structure, the induction lamp has finished its power coupling with primary winding and secondary winding caused by plasma loop ring. So that it can transfer the power of high- frequency and long life light source. The induction lamp also has same innovative features, like, as doesn't have the traditional fragile electrode, it can has a super long life. Besides, the power required by induction lamps is completely coupling to lamps by electromagnetic induction. That makes the mixed steam composed by low-pressure mercury and inert gas change into lonomer, then exciting- stated mercury atoms back to the ground-state and radiate 253.7mm Ultraviolet light, let the Three-color Phosphor of the lamp lighting, and then change the Ultraviolet light into visible light. As don't have the fragile electrode and filament, induction lamps avoid the electrode loss and other constraints of life or performance of traditional lamps. That improves the life and performance of the whole lighting system. Induction lamps are the newly ripe practical, energy-saving, environment-protecting, long life, high luminous efficiency light source.

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